December 20, 2014

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X-ray is one of the most vital aspects in a diagnostic center. It is extremely useful in hospital, health care center and finds relevance in almost every field. With the rise in health care sector in the United States there is a dire need for a technologically sound and well qualified x-ray technician, who can cater to a large base of hospital visitors. An x ray technician not only needs to look after the entire equipment, but must also keep pace with the rapidly developing technology, in order to stay in the job race.

What are the responsibilities of an x-ray technician?

An x-ray technician has a lot of responsibilities to look after. In this flourishing career, there are many duties which a technician is expected to fulfill with a satisfactory performance.An x-ray technician take images of the required body part asked for and forwards the results to an expert radiologist who determines the actual problems.The entire process requires a good amount of expertise as any mistake in taking a proper image could lead to a misleading in determining the problem.

An x-ray technician not only needs to deal with the technological aspects, but also maintain a good relationship with all the patients who come for the diagnosis. There are times when a person could be hesitant to undergo the x-ray examination. It is during such times, when the technician needs to calm the patient and keep the environment comfortable for the patient to relax.

In short, an x-ray technician should possess the following qualities :

  • Technologically sound and accurate.
  • Relaxed and positive.
  • Hard working and diligent.
  • Well trained and qualified.
  • Willing to learn and develop.

What are the basic requirements you need to posses to become x-ray technician?

Advancement in medical sciences has complicated the study patterns in almost all the fields of medical sciences. Radiology studies are no exception.  Health care administration facilities have become strict in choosing the right persons for the job, due to the vast customer base and competition. You have to take initiatives to get best knowledge and excel in your career to reach heights.

Therefore, in order to have a secure and recession free life as an x-ray technician, one will need to be highly qualified and well experienced. Hospitals, private clinics are willing to pay generously for well settled and able x-ray technicians. There can be many opportunities for x-ray technicians and they can get best salaries by holding a certification in their CV.

In order to start a career as an x-ray technician, one most possess these necessary criterion-

  • High school degree. -  A high school degree is vital for almost anything in life today. In order to make a career as a successful x-ray technician, one must hold a high schools degree with science subjects. This is to ensure that the aspirant is well aware of the human body, its anatomical structure and basic functions. Mathematics is another vital subject which plays an important role in radiology studies. High school degree is basically a perquisite for getting admission in X-ray technician programs.
  • Qualifying a good x-ray technician program- One needs to hold a degree in x-ray technician program, from an accredited college for making a mark in this career. A degree is like a proof that you are well versed and qualified for operating the x-ray. It also ensures that you’ve gained required formal education and practical training before doing your job.

What are the ways to get enrollment in x-ray technician programs? 

In order to join a good x-ray technician program, one needs to keep a lot of factors in mind. The choice of courses varies in duration, level of qualification, college accreditation and many other important factors.

There are one year courses, two year courses and even bachelor degree courses available for this course. You can choose the best degree programs from accredited colleges to excel in x-ray technician courses. Having a degree from recognized college will enable you to get a good job easily and will have positive impact on growth of your career as well.

The one year course is usually taken up by those, who are already into this profession or related medical stream. These courses are taken up by them in order to refresh, and update their knowledge in this field, or simply to get detailed knowledge about x- ray stream. The bachelor’s degree is popular for those who need to learn about the complete radiology field and studies, along with gaining a specialization. People having bachelor’s degree can probably make superior career scope than others.

The two year associates degree is the most popular of all the courses as it gives the complete knowledge required to shine in this field in a shorter span than the bachelors. Most x-ray technicians qualify this course to start their career. Also, these are online degree courses and recommended for those who want to get part time studies done conveniently at their homes. At the end of the course, a certification will be awarded from the accredited institute which would prove to be useful for the entire career.

How can X-Ray technician certification prove out to be beneficial for you? 

Certification is the best proof which guarantees the job anywhere in the country. A certificate to practice is like obtaining a permission from the government to be able to perform duties at nay location. After qualifying the x-ray tech program from an accredited college, the aspirant needs to apply for a certificate. A written exam is conducted by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist. This exam is of standard difficulty and covers all the essential topics which would be used for further use in the career. Once an aspirant qualifies, this certificate proves to be a ticket to a flying career as an x-ray technician.

What are the anticipated salaries of X-Ray technicians?

X-ray technicians make really good money. Due to the rapid demand in well qualified x-ray technicians and expansions in the health care administration sectors, a career as an x-ray tech proves to be a very lucrative one. Here is why-

  • The average salary of an x-ray technician was reportedly $53,210 this year. This is pretty good when compared to the other medical fields.
  • The hourly wages of most x-ray technicians is close to $26, which is much better than what most professions offer.

The least paid x-ray technician earned close to $35000, and the highest paid reached $79000.

These stats show how much of luxury an x-ray technician enjoys due to such an increased demand for capable x-ray technician professionals.

This graphical representation shows the salary behavior of an x-ray technician.


So, it is evident that anyone who ventures into this field will enjoy the benefits of a flourishing career as an x-ray technician. Enroll for a program today and congratulate yourself for making the best decision of your life, refer to this site for more information.

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