December 20, 2014

X ray technician Salary

With the rising cost of living and increased risks of layoffs, it has become a challenge for many job holders to work in a stable environment, promising good money. The salary earned must justify for all the expenses made for education, certification, commuting and many other factors.

Factors affecting the salary :

There are several factors affecting pay of employee, including:
• Qualifications of employee
• Strength of organization.
• Workload and difficulty of the tasks
• Location and cost of living
• Demand for capable aspirants

X-ray technicians in the United States earn in phenomenal numbers due to almost all the aspects mentioned above. The expansion of the American healthcare sector has fostered the growth of the diagnostic services, hence giving x-ray technicians the prime importance they deserve.
Many clinical facilities today seek for well qualified and certified x-ray technicians who have the flair to look after the responsibility of complicated x-ray equipment.
Many hospitals also award salaries based on the performance and growth shown by the-ray technician.

Perquisites for becoming X-Ray technician:

Traditionally, there were no special studies for X-ray technician courses and they used to get jobs by learning from their seniors. However, with the advanced study procedures and growth in formal education curriculum, there are several courses available in colleges or online schools, offering degrees for X-Ray experts. You can decide whether you wish to go for bachelor’s degree or associates degree for your course and proceed with your job.

As it is a practical stream, X-ray specialists need to be very careful about their work as they can’t compromise with the quality of image formation. There are various certifications associated with X-ray technicians. People who are already working as X-ray technicians can earn certifications to increase their job scope and get best prospects for job. The conditions to get license vary for different states as some states need bachelor’s degree and others may require certifications.

Becoming x-ray technicians and get higher payout will require some necessary duties:

The first motive of a person behind doing some course or training is to look for the income they can make out of it. It is necessary to know about your required duties before taking a proceeding for education in x-ray technician stream. It is important for you to know what the necessities of these machines are and how they can be used effectively for various procedures.
You might be asked to take x-ray of a broken bone or muscular tissues. It is a crucial responsibility to work with instruments and other responsibilities related to your operations. Expertise and experience are essential to get good salary packages in X-ray technician jobs and you can get both of these aspects by focusing on your training and getting better compensations.
Areas of work

X-ray technicians can work at several places, like hospitals, laser clinics, digital healthcare laboratories, medical practitioner clinics, dental clinics, urgent care wards, medical colleges and many other places. Their salaries depend on their places of work and most essentially, they can earn promotions in their existing jobs by making efforts to make more proficient working every time.
Salary range for x-ray technicians

According to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, x-ray technician salary is close to $57000. The salaries may also vary based on the responsibilities of the technician. There are many technicians who not only handle x-ray but also other radiologic equipment. They do not come under this category.
However, the career is extremely welcoming with very pleasing starting salaries, which are usually close to $36,900. Salaries of technicians may advance close to $43,890 for established technicians and for well experienced veterans; the amount may shoot up to $49,654.

If all goes well and a well experienced technician is placed at the right place, working with the exact suited environment, then the pay could reach sky rocketing levels of close to $91,888. These figures are perfect examples of to what extent of satisfaction, the career may provide.

The graphical notation shows how salaries for x-ray technicians has been fluctuating, based on factors which include :
• Increasing aspirants for job
• Location of healthcare facility

Status for hourly wages :

The hourly wages for an x-ray technician vary from over %15 to a maximum of $23. The overtime and annual bonus factors totally depend on the likes of the organization and cannot be decided in advance. The figure above gives a fair idea about what an aspirant or an x-ray newbie can expect from a career as a technician.

Salaries are not decided on how the career is headed. One must keep in mind that, to be a successful and high earning technician all the time, one must stay updated on the latest technology and try to develop organizational skills, in order to stay in demand.

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