December 19, 2014

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Hi, my name is Sacha. I have been working as an X-ray technician for over a decade now. When I was a student myself and was in search of information on X-ray techniques I was unable to find anything useful to me on net. The information related to this wonderfully useful technique (X-ray technique) was scattered all over and it was difficult to put to together.

But now my experience have taught me how to gather everything and present to you in a nut shell. I expanded my search and made it possible for others to find whatever information they want, easy to be gained now. The information provided here is solely for you all whom I do want to suffer from anything or what I actually suffered from. I do not want you to struggle in order to gain information related to advancement in X-ray technology. Blogging is truly not my hobby but yet for the sake of you all who are on the look out for genuine source of information I have got into the habit of blogging from time to time. My readers can find everything here related to X-ray technique.

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